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Essential Oil - Tunisian Rosemary

Essential Oil - Tunisian Rosemary

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Essential oils are super concentrated oils made from plants. Some are made from the bark, some from leaves, some from roots, others from flowers, and some are even from the skin of fruits. All of Ollie's oils are 100% pure, brought straight from farmers and distillers to you.


Product benefits

Rosemary is one of the most popular kitchen herbs. Rosemary Oil’s herbaceous, woody scent makes it a popular addition to fragrances. If you are into perfumery, you will love its complicated, multi-layered scent. Apart from its wonderful aroma, Tunisian Rosemary Oil is full of health benefits. As with most herbaceous essential oils, it has antioxidant properties and antimicrobial properties. Rosemary Oil has also long been hailed for its memory boosting and mental clarity-inducing properties.


Product use

  • Add 5 drops of Tunisian Rosemary Oil to 1 tablespoon of Avocado Oil and massage onto your scalp then leave on for 15 min before rinsing; do this at least 3 times a week to see a healthy head of hair
  • Make your own disinfectant with other antimicrobial essential oils such as Hungarian Oregano Oil or Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • Add to tea for a calming brew
  • Recommended diffuser blend - 2 drops of Tunisian Rosemary Oil, 1 drop of Mysore Sandalwood Oil or Queensland Buddhawood Oil


Product caution

  • Rosemary Oil should be diluted; 1 drop of Rosemary Oil in a 10ml bottle, 8-12 drops in a 30ml bottle
  • Dilute with carrier oils; blends well with Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil
  • If ingesting, the ratio should be 1 drop of Rosemary Oil to 100ml of liquid


How is this product sustainable?

  • Essential oils used are sourced directly from farms, enabling micro farmers to thrive financially
  • No middle layers between the farmers and Ollie means reduced carbon footprint from shipping and packaging
  • Sourced from farm that does not employ harmful chemicals in their cultivation and production of oils
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