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Essential Oil - Queensland Buddhawood

Essential Oil - Queensland Buddhawood

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Essential oils are super concentrated oils made from plants. Some are made from the bark, some from leaves, some from roots, others from flowers, and some are even from the skin of fruits. All of Ollie's oils are 100% pure, brought straight from farmers and distillers to you.


Product benefits

Buddhawood Oil is a rare, cherished oil that is steam distilled from a small tree native to Australia. Buddha Wood has a deep, woody aroma. It is widely used in meditative practices and to bring focus and clarity. Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for relieving pain from sore muscles.  Buddhawood Oil is also helpful for those suffering from rheumatism or arthritis since it helps to ease pain and inflammation in the joints. The most common use for Buddhawood Oil is as an aid in meditation. With its ability to calm the mind and clear it of negativity, it helps to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. 


Product use

  • Diffuse Buddhawood Oil for 30min to encourage peace and relaxation
  • Inhale 15-30min before bed to promote restful sleep
  • Add to massage oils to promote calmness and relaxation
  • Recommended diffuser blend - 2 drops of Queensland Buddhawood Oil, 2 drops of Mysore Sandalwood Oil, 3 drops of Himalayan Lavender Oil


Product caution

  • Always dilute before applying topically as it may be an irritant
  • Conduct a patch test to check for skin sensitivity


How is this product sustainable?

  • Essential oils used are sourced directly from farms, enabling micro farmers to thrive financially
  • No middle layers between the farmers and Ollie means reduced carbon footprint from shipping and packaging
  • Sourced from farm that does not employ harmful chemicals in their cultivation and production of oils
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