Collection: Kind Bag

All our bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are strong, practical, beautiful, and compact - but what is actually so special and different when a reusable bag is made from recycled plastic?

Nowadays we all are aware that plastic waste is polluting the planet, not helped by its slow degrading process. Reusable bags prevent the need for single-use plastic bags, which are only used for 15 minutes on average before thrown away.

Lots of reusable bags require a great number of reuses to justify its environmental impact from production. For example, cotton tote bags need 7,000 to 20,000 reuses to have the same cumulative environmental impact (such as water use) as a classic plasic bag. But recycled plastic only needs 2-3 reuses.

So, that's why we use 100% recycled PET for our beautiful bags! We rescue plastic bottles from being stuck for 1,000 years in the landfill waiting to decompose, or thrown into the ocean and killing aquatic life. 

King Bag is a young and passionate company based in Hackney, London, established in 2019.