Collection: Beego Handmade

Beego Handmade was created out of a passion for crafting functional and beautiful items that would bring just a little bit more joy and color to the world.  Initially these items were for the home, but as my passion for sustainable, low impact living grew, so did my desire to create products that could help others foster the same passion. At the same time, my now 3 year-old daughter was also growing, and eating lots of snacks on the go! I couldn't stand seeing so much waste go in the trash every time we needed to pack a snack. So, my brand grew to include reusable snack and sandwich bags, wet bags, and cutlery pouches, to help reduce waste, increase awareness, but still maintain the joy and beauty that is the hallmark of my brand.  

I design and create each item, by hand, in my home studio. I make sure that each piece is filled with the passion and joy that this work brings to me every day. I love thinking about people using the items I create in their daily lives - all of the adventures they will go on, all of the yummy food they store, and all of the plastic bags and cutlery that they keep out of the landfill. This business brings me such joy, as does the ability to help support our family by doing something that I love. Thank you for your support! - Adriaan