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Essential Oil - Egyptian Geranium

Essential Oil - Egyptian Geranium

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Essential oils are super concentrated oils made from plants. Some are made from the bark, some from leaves, some from roots, others from flowers, and some are even from the skin of fruits. All of Ollie's oils are 100% pure, brought straight from farmers and distillers to you.


Product benefits

Ancient Egypt’s most famous beauty and medicinal treatment - Geranium Oil. Get glowing and healthy-looking skin with just a few drops of Geranium Oil in your daily skincare routine. Egyptian Geranium’s fresh and herbaceous scent has been shown to boost mood and bring calmness to your mind. Not only that, Egyptian Geranium Oil has been used to regulate women’s reproductive health from time immemorial.


Product use

  • Add to moisturizers and face washes for fresh-looking skin
  • Add a few drops in your shampoo for a healthy scalp and thick head of hair
  • Try a few drops in an aromatherapy steam facial to open up pores and encourage blood flow to skin and scalp
  • Add to massage oil or to diffuser blend for relief from menstrual pain
  • It is also a powerful insect repellant; add into diffuser blend to ward off pesky bugs
  • Recommended diffuser blend - 3 drops of Egyptian Geranium Oil, 3 drops of Himalayan Lavender Oil, 2 drops of Sweet Orange Oil


Product caution

  • Like any essential oil, Geranium Oil should never be used undiluted as it can result in skin irritation and burns
  • Best to stay away from using Geranium Oil during the first trimester months of pregnancy
  • People who suffer from migraines should use Geranium Oil sparingly


How is this product sustainable?

  • Essential oils used are sourced directly from farms, enabling micro farmers to thrive financially
  • No middle layers between the farmers and Ollie means reduced carbon footprint from shipping and packaging
  • Sourced from farm that does not employ harmful chemicals in their cultivation of tea trees and production of oils
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