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Swedish Dishcloth

Swedish Dishcloth

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Reach out for these Swedish dishcloths instead of paper towels the next time you have to mop up a spill or wipe something down. Swedish dishcloths are highly absorbent yet dries quicker than a normal cloth. The Swedish dishcloths are also great for picking up dust when wet and unlike traditional cotton cloths where dust gets tangled in cotton fibres, dust washes off the Swedish dishcloths easily. We stock numerous beautiful designs to complement your home. Who says sustainable living cannot be colourful and fun?


Product specifications

  • Made from natural materials: cellulose and cotton
  • Dimensions: Length 21cm; Width 17cm


Product care

  • Machine washable with cold water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Swedish dishcloths can be used for up to 12 months with proper care


How is this product sustainable?

  • Made from natural materials, Swedish dishcloths are 100% compostable/biodegradable
  • Reduces the use of paper towels and sponges that are not biodegradable and end up in landfills/oceans for eternity
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’ve been using swedish discloths for the past two years, and it’s really a game changer. They are super absorbent and also dry quickly in between uses. It’s really easy to clean, I usually soak in warm water with dish soap, before I put it in the washing machine.

I believe this is my third purchase here. Last time I bought some as a gift for Teacher’s Day, I hope that would be useful for them as well.

Last but not least, the owner is really kind! Thank you so much! 😊


Good quality, I have purchased 2 of them one year ago and they’re still good to use

Pretty and Effective

These are absolutely stunning and good to use. Effectively removes all the dust and easy to clean. Highly recommended!

LOVE this SO much!

Fell in love with this dishcloth! Super absorbent and the best part? It does not trap dust or pet fur! Simply wash them off in water. Never going back to microfibre cloths anymore.

K Lim
my husband loves this too

husband loves using these for wiping now. i love that my dishcloths looks so cute and my husband doesn’t complain of me buying too much. What more can i say.