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Street Food Bag

Street Food Bag

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Street food is synonymous with Asian culture. Don't we all love hopping from one food stand to another to binge on mouth watering snacks? For piping hot finger food on-the-go, you would need a food bag that is highly portable and allows breathability. OFoodin's Street Food Bag is lightweight, has a large handle, and has a waterproof inner lining crafted using platinum grade silicone. It can also double up as a bottle or cup carrier. It's waterproof inner lining would mean protecting your bag from the condensation from chilled beverages.

Stay clear of disposable plastic bags and styrofoam containers with this reusable food bag that is not only better for the environment but for your health too. Each bag can be used up to 5,000 times which means it will last for over 10 years if used once every day! 


Product specifications

  • Inner lining is of platinum grade food-safe silicone; Can take a wide range of temperature from -40 degree Celsius to 230 degree Celsius
  • Exterior lining is made of polyester;  temperature resistant range -40 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius
  • One-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Button close
  • Waterproof but not leak resistant; Do not use bag for soup or liquid foods
  • Dimensions: Width 21.5cm; Height 20.5cm; Height with handle 31cm
  • Weight: 60g


Product care

  • Microwave safe; Roll silicone inner lining down. Do not microwave for more than 3min each time
  • Can be refrigerated and frozen
  • Can be steamed
  • Dishwasher safe but recommended to handwash


How is this product sustainable?

  • Reduces the use of single use disposable food bags/containers that are not recyclable and usually end up in landfills/oceans


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I use it every day

I use mine every day to carry my jar of overnight oats and an apple to work. It keeps my bag dry from the condensation. I also use it to store the occasional snack I might buy outside. I usually use it for dry snacks, so it has been easy keeping it clean! Washing it is also fuss free. Just bought a second one so that I can put one in my work bag and one in my weekend bag! Super super useful!

Best Purchase

Literally my title. I use it every single day. Bread? Snack bag. Fries? Snack bag. Savoury puff? Snack bag. OCK? You know it. Snack bag.

Hands down the best purchase. I'm even thinking about getting an extra for my families to use them.

If you're hesitating, JUST DO IT.

Snack is a palm away!

Got the fluffy sheep as a gift. Fell in love with the pastel colour! Durable, easy to clean and pretty to carry around. Fits 3 sprinkled donuts and it's so compact, u can fold it to the size of your palm. Enjoy your snack without the guilt of using plastic!