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Takeaway Food Bag

Takeaway Food Bag

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Takeaway food with ease with these highly functional, food safe and waterproof food bags! Think stir fried noodles with gravy, salad with dressing, a chilled beverage for the entire family etc. These bags can expand to contain a 2.5 litre capacity or be folded down into a tiny pouch, tucked away in your handbag when not in use. Each bag can be used up to 5,000 times which means it will last for over 10 years if used once every day! 

Now in an improved version: exterior lining that is more effective in repelling water, side buttons for ease of forming a base for bag to stand upright, and a seam on rim to facilitate pouring of contents in/out of bag. 


Product specifications

  • Inner lining is of platinum grade food-safe silicone; Can take a wide range of temperature from -40 degree Celsius to 230 degree Celsius
  • Exterior lining is made of polyester; temperature resistant range -40 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius
  • One-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Buckle close; Keeps content secure and act as a handle to carry with ease
  • Waterproof and leak resistant
  • 3D base that holds bag sturdy
  • Capacity:
    • 3 portions of soya bean curd
    • 3 portions of fried rice
    • 2 portions of mini hotpot
  • Dimensions: Width 28cm: Height 25cm 
  • Weight: 130g 


 Product use

  • Pull at the two seams on the rim to open bag
  • Create base for bag to stand upright by folding up corners to attach buttons
  • Fold bag down to contain any food your heart desires
  • To seal bag after food is packed in, simply fold the bag to form an airtight space then clip on the buckle


 Product care

  • Microwave safe; Roll silicone inner lining down to conceal the buckle. Do not microwave for more than 3min each time
  • Can be refrigerated and frozen
  • Can be steamed
  • Dishwasher safe but recommended to handwash


How is this product sustainable?

  • Reduces the use of single use disposable food bags/containers that are not recyclable and usually end up in landfills/ocean

Important Note: Fill food bag with tap water and check for leakage before first use. Used bags will not be entitled for an exchange should there be manufacturing defects.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Convenient bag

This is my 3rd bag (in a different size), extremely convenient for my bakery run (getting 2-3 bread for the family breakfast) or fruit snacks. Useful for small soups etc too. Love that it can be washed easily and compact when folded in my work bag.

Must have!

Finally a food container that ticks all my boxes of being able to fit in my bag, light weight, good for soups, safe for re-use, and easy to wash... and the print is so cute to boot!!

Highly recommended for people like me who are just starting their low waste journey, and need something that is truly convenient as well as cute (for added motivation) :))

Life changing! So handy!

Wha! I love this! So easy. If your hands are full; and u need to tabao. This is perfect. U don’t need a bag after tabao. Roll it up and u can just clip my it up and u r good to go. So space saving. U might face a lot of weird stares, skeptical looks from aunties and uncles but this is a super amazing product. Easy to wash also! It can fit 4-5 croissant too. It might feel a little pricey but it’s worth it! Every bit goes a long way!

Life changing product !!!!!!!

I absolutely love this but you’re gonna need some time to get used to it especially in SG where it’s totally not an eco friendly country.
1. You can put ANY kind of food inside including 1x bowl of fish soup. Love how you can roll it down, clip & carry it back to office eliminating plastic bags forever. Also love how it can be FOLDED & kept in ur bag without taking up precious space.
2. Easy to wash, just flip it inside out & wash with ur usual dishwasher. Once a month, soak baking soda with hot water overnight to eliminate any food odour.
3. You’re saving the earth!

1. In SG, the aunties & uncles at the coffee shop/food court have trust issues so you’re gonna need to convince them that this bag is meant for food & YES they can pour the soup inside.
2. U have to wash ur hands (because Covid) before you open this bag to be used as u need to kind of put ur hands inside to open it up & make the shape. So this part is quite troublesome unless u can open this product without putting ur hands inside where ur food is gonna come in contact with.
3. When you roll it down to eat, the opening can be smaller than a usual sized bowl so u need to do some adjusting before u start eating.

Overall this is a GREAT product! If you are not into using plastics for ur takeaways on a daily basis. I highly recommend this!!! :-D