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Short Handle Dish Washing Brush

Short Handle Dish Washing Brush

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100% natural plant fibre dish brush. Use it to wash dishes as well as to loosen stuck-on food. Another great plastic-free alternative in the kitchen! Regular scrub is good for general dish washing while the heavy duty scrub can be used as a pot scrubber to remove tough residue.

Product specifications

  • Vegan
  • Brush head crafted from bamboo
  • Bristles made from plant fibre
  • Dimensions: Height 8cm


Product care

  • Keep dry between use
  • Recommended to change brush every 3 months like you would a regular sponge
  • Do not soak or submerge bamboo brush head in water
  • You may dip bristles in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria
  • You may oil the bamboo brush head to protect it from cracking especially if you tend to soak brush in water for prolonged periods


How is this product sustainable?

  • Replaces the use of regular sponges made of plastic
  • Replaces the use of regular scrubs made of plastic with nylon bristles
  • Made of natural materials
  • Brush head and plant fibre bristles are biodegradable / compostable; You may bury it in your garden if you have one.
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