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Essential Oil Nebulizer

Essential Oil Nebulizer

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Enjoy the goodness of essential oils without the mess with this state-of-the-art nebulizer! Unlike regular diffusers, you do not need to use water with nebulizers. Which means this nebulizer turns essential oils into an undiluted gas-like mist to effectively cover large spaces. Made completely with wood and glass, it is a stylish addition to your home.

How it works: Uses cold air to break down the essential oil molecules and converts them into microdroplets. These droplets then get infused into the air. The aroma stays suspended in the air for much longer and with the essential oils broken down into the right size to enter our breathing system, we are able to benefit from its goodness effectively. 


Product specifications

  • Made completely with wood and glass
  • Comes in a handy, portable bag
  • Brass key one-button touch control design
    • First touch: ON; Strong intermittent spray mode. Internal LED will light up when the nebulizer is spraying
    • Second touch: Weak intermittent spray mode
    • Third touch: OFF


Product use

  • Take out the round glass atomizing bulb, wooden base, and USB cable from the grey bag
  • Align the protruding tube at the bottom of the glass atomizing bulb with the hole in the round rubber gasket of the wooden base, and insert gently. Ensure that the bulb is fitted perfectly
  • Open the glass lid
  • Drop 10-15 drops of pure essential oil into the glass bulb
  • Cover the glass lid
  • Connect the nebulizer to a power supply using the USB cable
  • Et Voila! Breathe in!


Product care

  • Use alcohol, dish soap, and water to clean the glass bulb when needed
  • Recommended to clean glass bulb once a week if used daily, for optimal results
  • Meant to be used with pure essential oils or a blend of pure essential oils only 
  • Do not use diluted oils, water, or carrier oils in the nebulizer


How is this product sustainable?

  • Made completely with wood and glass; plastic-free
  • Water-saving compared to regular essential oil diffusers since no water is needed to use the nebulizer
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