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Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery

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Each set of cutlery comes with a pair of beautifully crafted organically grown bamboo chopsticks, spoon, fork and knife. The bamboo cutlery is extremely light you can chuck it into your bag and strut around town with no effort at all.


Product specifications

  • Cutlery crafted from organically grown bamboo
  • Your Sustainable Store logo is engraved at the back of cutlery 
  • Dimensions: 
    • Length: 20cm (twist chopsticks)
    • Length: 19.5cm (spoon, fork and knife)


Product care

  • Hand wash bamboo cutlery


How is this product sustainable?

  • Bamboo is the world's fastest growing, most sustainable crop
  • Bamboo is compostable/biodegradable 
  • Reduces the use of single use disposable cutlery that is most likely made from plastic that is not recyclable and end up in oceans/landfills for eternity
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