Our Story


I am Dawn, founder of Your Sustainable Store. I also have a full time career in the hotel industry. My profession of over a decade fueled my passion for travel, seen me globetrotting experiencing different cultures and falling in love with nature. Through my travels, I have witnessed how our lifestyles are affecting the environment.

The glaciers in Iceland were breathtaking, but the ice that took centuries to form will vanish in years. The flowers in Japan were beautiful, but it is getting harder for them to bloom because of extreme weathers. The drive along Great Ocean Road in Australia was extremely scenic, but the ocean may be filled with plastic soon enough at the rate we are ocean dumping. The sights in New Zealand were divine with its clear blue skies, crisp air, calm lakes, and roaming animals, but the sun was merciless to us all because of a depleting ozone layer.

I travelled to see the beauty of our world and beauty did I see. This beauty is what I am motivated to protect.


How it all began

I bought my first beeswax wrap in New Zealand in January 2018. When I returned home to Singapore, I started searching for more products that can help me lead a greener lifestyle. Frustrated that options were limited, I decided to start Your Sustainable Store in a spur-of-the-moment.  I wanted these amazing products to be accessible in Singapore for anyone who wish to make a change to be able to do so easily.


Who we are

Your Sustainable Store is a Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products easily available. We are constantly on the look out for more amazing products to bring to you. We hope that by offering practical yet stylish alternatives, we can inspire more to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle. 


Let us protect our beautiful home together.