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July 2020

A new food stall selling fishball noodles opened in our neighbourhood! The husband and I frequent Fishball Story for its handmade fishballs that are really tasty. Apart from its delicious food, we also dig their "Pay-It-Forward" program. Customers can purchase meal and drink vouchers for others who are in need, to redeem. The vouchers are placed prominently at the storefront. Whenever we see the voucher count running low, we would purchase a bunch. 

The meal vouchers are apparently utilized very quickly because we are in an old neighbourhood with many elderly residing in one-room flats. Once I witnessed an old lady redeem a meal, ate a portion of the noodles at the stall and packed the remaining into a container. I can only assume she was rationing the food for a 2nd meal or for a family member back at home because a standard meal portion is not huge. It was heartbreaking. We are committing to donating 100 meals with a part of our profits from the sales in July 2020. Do support the program too if you are in the vicinity! :)