September to December 2019

September to December 2019

This Christmas, I hope to bring joy to not just our loved ones but also to other families that struggle to put food on their tables. There was a (long) period in my growing up years when my family only had my mother's income to rely on. As the eldest of 3 children, I still have distinct memories of the challenging times we faced. 

With a part of our September to December 2019 profits, we were able to contribute a total of 20 cans of tuna, 20 cans of sardines, 20 cans of curry chicken, 16 tins of milk powder, and 30 meals to families who are in need through 3 different organizations.

Food from the Heart is a non-profit organization devoted to alleviating hunger through efficient distribution of food. Food is distributed as Community Food Packs and School Goodie Bags. Because canned fish/chicken was listed as one of the urgently needed items, I decided to spend our limited resources on it.

The canned food was purchased from NTUC FairPrice online store. NTUC facilitates the donation process by populating specific items required by various charitable organizations and offer free delivery regardless of the purchase amount.

After chatting with staff at Club Rainbow, I found out that they are short of milk powder for their beneficiaries. There is a demand for both Similac Gain IQ Stage 3 and also Pediasure Vanilla so that's exactly what we got them!

I also always purchase meal vouchers whenever I walk pass Kang Kar Noodles and see that the meal board is empty. A total of 30 meal vouchers have been purchased over the last few months for elderly in need to obtain free meals.

We are truly grateful to all our customers for supporting what we do, enabling these contributions with our profits. Here's wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!

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