August to November 2020

August to November 2020

An estimated 105,000 Singaporean households face hunger and food insecurity, and get by with less than $1,500 a month. Secondmeal is a not-for-profit organization that aims to address the basic need for food with technology. Beneficiaries are each assigned a unique QR code to scan at participating food stalls to obtain a free meal, sponsored by donors. Participating food stalls are mostly small, independent establishments. So your donation via Secondmeal not only supports beneficiaries but also the small local food vendors.

There are 3 initiatives you can contribute to:

  1. Happy People Helping People: beneficiaries are elderly cardboard collectors
  2. People with Disabilities and Special Needs: serves people with disabilities, chronic illness, with special needs
  3. Elderlies in Need


Thanks to technology, you are able to track the number of meals claimed, by which beneficiary, at which participating food stalls etc.

Each meal donation costs $4.80 and Secondmeal offers complete transparency on the breakdown of how each dollar is spent.

We donated 100 meals towards the Elderlies in Need initiative with part of our profits from August to November 2020 sales.


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