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Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne
Handcrafted Solid Cologne

Handcrafted Solid Cologne

Alwis & Xavier

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These solid colognes are created with the intention of providing ease and convenience of smelling fresh and feeling good throughout the day, no matter where or when. Its portability ensures that it can be brought to the gym, at a night out with friends, or at the workplace. 


Infused with bouncy notes of citrus, it invigorates the senses delightfully with its refreshing character and refined finish.

Black Canyon
Boasts a distinctive and bold scent with its spicy and wild notes. A scent that is charming and sophisticated.

Bulgarian Rose
Few scents will seduce the senses like Bulgarian Rose. The Bulgarian Rose lends elegant and warm notes to a full bodied aroma, resulting in a long lasting and infatuating fragrance.

A union of floral and fruity notes, forming a gentle yet vibrant scent that is reminiscent of a summer's day. A blend of jasmine and freesia with a touch of bitter orange.

Alluring, magnetic and intense best signify the scent profile of Kaizen. A rustic, on-the-edge scent that peaks the senses with with a zing of ginger and vanilla, delivering a daring and captivating aroma.

Old Mandarin
It's unmistakable zesty profile balanced with fresh floral notes create an intricate and mysterious charm.

Accentuated by citrus notes, smoothening out to a peppery and crisp woody profile. Theos radiates both intensity and complexity with each whiff.


Product specifications

  • Spill proof: Contains no liquids which means no leaks
  • Compact and convenient: Fits in your pocket; smaller than conventional perfume bottles
  • Handcrafted from natural ingredients
  • Travel friendly: Our colognes can be brought onboard flights during travel
  • Scent lasts 3-5 hours per application
  • Volume: 0.5oz; Lasts 3-4 months when used daily


Product ingredients

  • Beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, fragrance oils


Product use

  • Click open the tin with your fingers then swipe or scoop out the cologne
  • Apply it to pulse points e.g. neck, arms, wrists


Product care

  • Keep your solid cologne in cool temperature in indoors
  • Avoid moist areas e.g. bathroom
  • Avoid extreme heat


How is this product sustainable?

  • Handcrafted from only natural ingredients, no synthetic materials are released into the environment
  • Packaged in paper box and metal tin that are recyclable