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It all started back in 2010.

Designed in New Zealand by Martha and Olly Van Arts because they wanted to solve the problem of normal white sunscreen, where you slop on so much and reapply it all the time. They wanted something that was better for them & safer for their kids….Skinnies was born!

Our driving sustainability goal is to not waste water, by not using water in our products we save over 100,000 litres per year. We also reduce carbon miles with less packaging and lower logistics footprint with smaller packages.

We are reducing our carbon footprint by moving from plastic tubes to sugar cane packaging that’s sustainable and captures CO2 during the manufacturing process. Ultimately we will recycle these back into our process closing the loop.

We work with suppliers to use ingredients with minimal aquatic toxicity considering our biodegradation impact in water ways. Ideally we’d conduct our own research but we’re not quite big enough for that yet.

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