Beauty Kubes Singapore Unisex Shampoo and Body Wash Cubes
Beauty Kubes Singapore Men Shampoo and Body Wash Cubes
Beauty Kubes Singapore Shampoo and Body Wash Cubes

Organic Shampoo & Body Wash Cubes

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The perfect solution to hassle free travel - just one product for hair and body, lightweight and can be packed into your hand carry luggage as they are not subject to liquid restrictions. No more spillages or bulky plastic bottles! Beauty Kubes is an award winning product that is vegan friendly and 100% free from plastic packaging. Each Kube is packed with natural, hair loving ingredients and gentle, biodegradable cleansing agents. Leaves hair incredibly soft, shiny and free from chemical build-up. Saves you time in the shower as well as conditioner is not required after wash.


Product use

  • Take 1-2 Kubes into the shower
  • Crumble the dry Kube into the palm of your hand then add a little water to make a paste
  • Smooth over the hair, add more water and massage into hair to create a luxurious lather
  • The lather can be used as a body wash
  • Conditioner is not required/optional after wash


Product specifications

  • 27 Kubes in a box
  • Each box is equivalent to a 250ml to 300ml conventional bottled shampoo
  • Men's formula is enriched with castor oil to add shine and charcoal to aid cleansing
  • Unisex's formula is infused with uplifting lemongrass, bergamot, cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils.
  • Does not contain any animal derived ingredients, or any ingredients tested on animals; 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly
  • Free from sulphate, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic preservatives


How is this product sustainable?

  • Beauty Kubes paper packaging is compostable/biodegradable
  • Reduces the use of liquid shampoo that is packaged in plastic bottles that end up in oceans/landfills after use

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