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SoapLah Lavender Bastille Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Black Charcoal Tea Tree Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Thai Paradise Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Chamomile Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Coconut Milk Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Green Tea Peppermint Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Honey Frangipani Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Rose Sandalwood Natural Handmade Soap Bar
SoapLah Vanilla Natural Handmade Soap Bar

Cold Processed Soap Bar


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Cold processed soap bars are great for both the environment and for our skin. We are proud to partner with a local company to bring to you cold processed soap bars handmade with only natural ingredients. Cold processed soaps are made in temperatures under 50 degrees Celsius, which retains the natural glycerin, an all natural moisturizer for the skin. Select from a variety of scents that we stock in store.


Product specifications

  • Black Charcoal Tea Tree: Normal to oily skin types; The antibacterial properties of tea tree help combat spots and blemishes. With added charcoal powder, it deeply cleanses clogged pores and helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Chamomile: Normal to dry/sensitive skin types; Known for its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, chamomile essential oil is proven to treat dermal irritations and hydrate dry, red, and sensitive skin.
  • Coconut Milk: Normal to dry skin types; The creamy and luxurious coconut milk nourishes your dry skin without feeling heavy. The essentials oils not only smell heavenly but also help balance sebum secretions, leaving your skin refreshed and youthful.
  • Green Tea Peppermint: Normal to oily skin types; Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Besides removing toxins and calming irritated skin, green tea leaves also exfoliate to give your skin a healthy glow. Peppermint and menthol is added for a refreshing feeling.
  • Honey Frangipani: Normal to dry/sensitive skin types; Highly regarded for its age defying effects, frangipani essential oil with pure honey not only calms and soothes your nerves and sensitive skin, but also deeply moisturizes and clarifies skin.
  • Lavender: All skin types; Relax in the shower at the end of a long day. This soap is excellent for all skin types as it balances sebum secretion and encourages healing of sun damaged skin.
  • Rose Sandalwood: All skin types; Sandalwood essential oil has been used for centuries not only for its beautiful, relaxing scent, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.This soap also helps relieve itching and inflammation of the skin, and is most effective in hydrating dry skin – making it great for anti-ageing skincare.
  • Thai Paradise: Normal to dry skin types; Made with moisturizing lemongrass to cleanse deeply and relieve fatigue. The soap is enriched with kelp powder that is loaded with essential fatty acids to remove toxins and nourish your skin at the same time.
  • Vanilla: Normal to dry/sensitive skin types; The heavenly scent of vanilla invokes a sense of calmness and confidence. Besides its anti-ageing effects, its antibacterial properties also help heal acne, minor burns and wounds.


How is this product sustainable?

  • Reduces the use of shower gels that are packaged in plastic bottles that end up in oceans/landfills after use
  • Majority of shower gels sold in the market are made from petroleum-based products that are harmful to the environment

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